Hi, I’m Sophie, a graphic designer based in Mannheim Germany.
I always had a passion for creative work, so I started to volunteer at Graphikbuero GEBHARD|UHL 
in Freiburg, where I figured out that I wanted to pursue this career and become a graphic designer.
I started my apprenticeship in 2010 and graduated in 2013 as a state certified graphic designer.
After my graduation I interned for 6 Months at  jung & hungrig advertising agency in Freiburg,
before getting employed in 2014 as a graphic designer at Enstyle GmbH in Buggingen, where I
worked full time for over 3 years.
I felt like I wanted to learn more about design and continue to grow as an artist. I decided to study
communication design at Hochschule Mannheim, where I've been a design student since 2018.
In 2020 I started working as a graphic designer at Grunwald media, a marketing agency based in
Mannheim, where I became the head of the graphic design department in 2021.
As a freelance graphic designer I work mostly on branding, logo design and Illustrations.
In cooperation with Miami Pinehouse, a Production and Design Company based in Freiburg
I also work on Web and App designs for international companies.
In my spare time I love to experiment with printing techniques such as screen printing or linocut.
As a by-product of my printing experiments I started to get into tie-dyeing which allowed me to
produce a lot of unique clothing pieces. I’m happy to take on custom requests.

For questions or enquiries feel free to contact me at any time.
Let’s work together!
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